Oregon State Society of Orthodontists

The Oregon State Society of Orthodontists (OSSO) is a state component organization of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO).  Members of the OSSO are dental specialists in the field of orthodontics and members of the AAO who reside and practice in Oregon.  The OSSO hosts an annual continuing education meeting for its members.  

January 14, 2015 Board Meeting:

New board members confirmed:  President Eric Burgin, Vice President Tracy Herion, Sec/Treasurer Dharmini Pathmanathan, Director Jay Schofield, Past President Marie Lathrop

Treasurer Report:  RBC Wealth Management account balance $63,194.55

OSSO Sponsorship of OHSU residents attendance at the AAO meeting in SF:  $500 of expenses will be reimbured for residents interested in attending.

OSSO Honoree:  rather than continuing this as an annual tradition, the board would like to see this given on a year when a member has done something significant such as retire from leadership from within AAO or PCSO or retire from a teaching position.  The board will except recommendations from the membership.

Plans for annual meeting to general membership:  The OSSO would like to separate from hosting a joint meeting with the OOAA for 2015.  Meeting topic will be a speaker who can help members fulfill OR state licensure requirement in medical emergencies or infection control.  Potential speaker is Karla Kent, PhD.  Dr. Kent is faculty at OHSU.  She gave a 2 hour lecture to the OHSU faculty and both Dr. Covell and Dr. Doyle give her their recommendation.  The location of the meeting for 2015 is tentatively the OHSU School of Dentistry and possible date are Friday Dec 4 or Sat Dec 5.  Dr. Covell is speaking to the Dean about facility fees and parking.  Proposed format is 10-12 noon lecture, 12-1pm Lunch and OSSO business meeting, 1-3:30 Resident research presentations, 3:30-4:30 cocktail hour.  This meeting will be free of charge to OSSO members.

Dues:  OSSO dues are currently at $50 / year.  A change in dues requires a general vote from the membership.  No changes in 2015.