Oregon State Society of Orthodontists

The Oregon State Society of Orthodontists (OSSO) is a state component organization of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO).  Members of the OSSO are dental specialists in the field of orthodontics and members of the AAO who reside and practice in Oregon.  The OSSO hosts an annual continuing education meeting for its members.  

1.  Coordinate the $500 stipend to the OHSU 3rd year residents attending the PCSO in Seattle in October.  


2.  $150 I’ll write letter, Jay and Dharmini will write checks, contact OOAA about the PSCO Alumni reception, possibly choose meetings for coming 5 yrs, buy drink tickets for residents


3.  Choose date with our board for OSSO annual meeting - I'm thinking Friday December 2 to maintain consistency


4.  Confirm location - MAC again with Marie's sponsorship


5.  Choose speaker - lecture on medical emergencies - right?  I have in my notes to check someone named  Erik Richmond.  Does any know who this is or who to talk to to find out.  


6.  Contact Dr. Covell at OHSU regarding resident talks for afternoon portion of OSSO Meeting


7.  How much coordinating do I need to do with OOAA?  I wasn't able to attend the Hixon lecture to talk with those guys.  Any news on how their meeting went and if they are going to stay with the spring date? 


8.  Another board member


9.  Compose and submit a component report to the PSCO bulletin before May 20 with some of these details


Jay is bringing AV equipment for business meeting.


BCC through PCSO list to OSSO for meeting. 

6 mo email

4 mo email

2 mo

1 mo

postcard at 4 months when go live with website registration

PCSO postcard through vista print once we are live with registration


55,667. 74