Oregon State Society of Orthodontists

The Oregon State Society of Orthodontists (OSSO) is a state component organization of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO).  Members of the OSSO are dental specialists in the field of orthodontics and members of the AAO who reside and practice in Oregon.  The OSSO hosts an annual continuing education meeting for its members.  

 OSSO Board Meeting – October 3, 2018

Conference Call Attendees: Howard Freedman, Craig Elgin, Jay Schofield, Dharmini Pathmanathan, Marie Lathrop, Eric Burgin.

Treasurer Report: RBC Wealth Management account balance: $67,863.33

• General Membership Meeting Nov 30, 2018

◦ In the past, residents condensed took their thesis defense presentation and condensed it as much as possible for presentation at the OSSO meeting. This year, perhaps they could be asked to do a 15 minute, clinically applicable synopsis of what they did (skipping the literature review, etc.). Modify format?

◦ MAC club reservation has been confirmed

◦ Menu looks fine, same as last year. Dr. Lathrop won’t be able to be there. Dr. Freedman will be the point person.

◦ Dr Richmond bring will computer to present. The AV equipment is rented from the MAC, a worthwhile expense.

◦ PCSO grant has been requested every year to help cover expenses for the OSSO annual meeting. Up to $1500 may be requested, which should cover AV + room rental, with any remainder to be used used towards honorarium for the CE speaker. A grant of $1500 will be requested this year.

◦ Gifts for Dr. Richmond, residents: Dr Richmond not request an honorarium to speak. Last time he spoke the OSSO gave him a bottle of champagne. Discussed doing gift card to restaurant. Last year the OSSO got champagne for the residents. This year the OSSO will give a bottle of champagne + $100 gift card for dinner to Dr. Richmond and champagne for each of the four residents presenting; Dr. Pathmanathan will purchase these with the OSSO card.

◦ The importance of findings new members to serve on the OSSO board was discussed. This will be emphasized at the OSSO meeting. The time commitment is minimal, but the duties of the board members are vital for protecting our specialty. Dr. Burgin will discuss this at the meeting.

◦ A guest from the PCSO will attend the meeting. It is usually someone from the executive committee, but they are having a retreat then. Dr. Burgin will therefore run though the PowerPoint presentation.

◦ Electronic correspondence for the meeting was discussed: Dr. Freedman will send a “save the date” email to all OSSO members, notifying them to expect an E-vite to follow. The E-vite will be used to track registration for conference attendance as well as meal preferences (omnivorous vs. vegetarian).

◦ CE confirmation for meeting attendees was discussed. CE verification will be posted to the web site following the meeting, as in the past.

• Dr. Lathrop reviewed her meeting with the OBD on rules. She has been in communication with the executive director. The OBD does not appear to have taken any recommendations into account for the new rules to be enacted January 2019. The OBD agrees with the logic of the OSSO’s input, but need to investigate the situation further regarding any proposed changes to terminology defining dental specialists in the Oregon dental practice act. Dr. Lathrop will remain in communication and see if the OSSO can have a voice in the OBD’s investigative process on this matter and will communicate with the AAO attorney. Dr. Freedman will discuss this topic at the OSSO annual meeting.

• The idea was discussed of OSSO board members serving two years in each position (instead of the current pathway of one year in each position). This would require a long time commitments. Current pathway is Secretary/Treasurer → Vice President → President → Past President. The current pathway of one year service per position will be kept for now.

• Transfer of Treasurer duties: Dr. Pathmanathan has never been able to gain on-line access to the OSSO’s account. The name on the investment/bank account/statements is the OSSO. The name on the OSSO credit card is currently Dr. Pathmanathan; she will have the name on the card changed to be Dr. Elgin.

• Dr. Burgin raised the issue that the OSSO is supposed to file taxes every year. This hasn’t been done for at least 10 years, so lost non-profit status has been lost. Fiduciary responsibilities and annual audits should also be in place. This can be discuss ed further over email or in person at the annual meeting.