Oregon State Society of Orthodontists

The Oregon State Society of Orthodontists (OSSO) is a state component organization of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO).  Members of the OSSO are dental specialists in the field of orthodontics and members of the AAO who reside and practice in Oregon.  The OSSO hosts an annual continuing education meeting for its members.  

Sept 18, 2014 Board Meeting (joint meeting of OSSO and OOAA)

Attendees:  Marie Lathrop, Eric Burgin, Tracy Herion (OSSO); Joe Safirstein, Mike Brown, Dan Phillips (OOAA)


Hixon Lecture agenda and format for 2014 reviewed:
Same format for meeting as past years, there will be a lunch time business meeting
The OSSO is not planning to have an honoree this year during lunch
Dr. Fisher is scheduled to speak

History of why OSSO and OOAA combined to support the meeting and left the Oregon Dental Conference was briefly discussed.  Reasons included the ODC was not pleased with fee for speaker, OCD fee was increasing, orthodontic product marketing to general dentists, and the combined meeting would result in more money put toward the OHSU orthodontic department.

OSSO recently put a survey out to its members and half of respondents said they would like more CE options.  This opened a discussion of whether going back to 2 meetings is of value to the members and when the meetings should be held.  

Initial concept of 2015 OSSO and OOAA meetings:

December meeting:

Combine resident research presentations, luncheon, and meeting to fulfill OR dental licensure requirements (Infection control, medical emergencies) or risk management.  

  • Focus licensure portion of meeting on orthodontic offices as opposed to information applicable to general dental offices
  • Registration fee for presentations and luncheon.  Cost of after lunch portion for license info is covered if attendee is an OSSO member
  • Discussion of holding this meeting at OHSU and logistics of doing this on a weekday when classes are held.  Possibly hold the meeting on a Saturday
  • Possibility of having an after meeting reception in orthodontic department
  • Have a staff meeting also during research presentation?
  • Graduation celebration dinner for residents and a guest and faculty in the evening hosted by OOAA 

April meeting:

An educational meeting in the spirit of the Hixon lecture
Discussion of hotel and MAC locations and possibilities of lowering costs
This would be organized by OOAA but OSSO would help to support and cover costs

Why go back to a 2 meeting a year format?

  • increase opportunities for participation and comradare
  • provide additional CE opportunities 
  • fulfill licensure requirements
  • continue to provide funding for the OSHU orthodontic alumni association

How do we encourage attendance of the meeting by more recent alumni from OHSU?

  • call or personally invite
  • reduce or cover costs of meeting to orthodontists less than 3 yrs out of school
  • residents in their final year call and invite the class that graduated the year prior

To do list:

  1. Eric - contact AAO to get mailing and email list for orthodontists in Oregon, Northern CA, Washington, Idaho, and Montana - send list to Joe
  2. Joe - email these orthodontists about Hixon registration
  3. Eric - send Oregon list to Tracy
  4. Marie - send Tracy Excel spreadsheets of OHSU alumni
  5. Tracy - organize and merge spreadsheets and send back to Marie
  6. Marie - send out postcards reminders for Hixon registration
  7. Tracy - update OSSO website about Hixon registration
  8. Joe - link ossortho.org Go Daddy domain to new OSSO Square Space site